Do it today: Read

Books by Wikipedia.

In case you’ve already forgotten, this extended weekend was for all intents and purposes about reading (and also probably nipping first year homesickness in the bud). On the basis of that, I suggest that maybe reading something might be a nice way to spend at least part of the day. It doesn’t have to be anything substantial — it’s not really Moby Dick weather anyways — just something you enjoy. After all, since you undoubtedly used the last two days to read the pounds of archaic criticism and meandering histories assigned to you for the weekend and most definitely did not throw your backpack into the Kokosing, you probably just have loads of time that you’d enjoy spending reading somewhere.

Reading for pleasure is always a nice diversion from YouTube searching “how to dance Gangnam style” and Wikipedia-ing “Ohio spiders” in the vain hope that you can give a successful ocular patdown of all the little friends in the corners of your room.  Maybe the best part of pleasure reading for any mind stressed by the rubrics and deadlines of the academic year, is the fact that you can stop wherever and whenever you want. If it sucks, toss it and move on with your Saturday.

What: Read

Where: Anywhere

When: Anytime

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  1. and yeah one doesnt have to troll the internet for information that may or may not be true to get out of the fckn kenyon bubble.


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