Beard of the Week: [REDACTED]

We all know that Kenyon is home to an incredibly diverse community. We’ve got scholars, athletes, and even the occasional person who might’ve witnessed a horrible double-axe murder who’s been forced to change his/her identity and relocate to rural Ohio under the Witness Protection Program. The Thrill believes in giving everybody an equal opportunity to be represented on our “lustrous” blog, so without further ado, here’s your Beard of the Week (shot in silhouette with all personal details redacted in order to protect his/her identity):

[REDACTED]'s Beard of the Week

The Man/Woman: [REDACTED]

The Look: “The Intellectual Shagster”

Grow Time: Four months

Inspiration: Dr. Venture, Matisyahu, and Matthew Lillard as Shaggy

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