Student Music Envoys: Addie Pray, The BFGs, The Laurels, Sarah White

So my little brother is in a band and takes making music very seriously. And now that he’s a senior in high school, he’s super pumped to go to a school like Wesleyan/Oberlin/NYU that’s reputed for having lots of hip young people making cool sounds. To which I have said: “shut up, you’re coming to Kenyon.”

But frealz. Regardless of my brother’s particular undergraduate choice, the main point to be made here is that we go to a school full of awesome student musicians (see above link), a fact I think we don’t get enough credit for. And a handful of them have some new sounds for you, which you may play, download, buy, etc. (as the case may be) after the jump!

Addie Pray is Carmen Perry ’15, a singer-songwriter who we previously featured with her band Littless in one of our fabled Thrill Sessions. Remember This, an EP of bedroom recordings made this past Reading Days, will be her 3rd release of 2012, and features 5 shiny new iterations of the aching, starry-eyed folk style she does so well.  Go grab it for free, along with her other realeases Words & the Wearing Thin EP, over at her Bandcamp!

The BFGs are a band from New York City featuring my badass neighbor Catherine Dwyer ’14.  They make really awesome upbeat/punk-poppy tunes that would probably be really fun to dance and sing along to, thanks to awesome lyrics like “we are fatalists not pharmacists.” Catherine is apparently on vocals, guitar, & drum duty, as well as actually penning a few of these badass ditties. You can grab their releases Cave Songs & Poconos 1 over at Bandcamp, FO FREEEEE.

The Laurels are Michelle Birsky & Lauren Amrhein ’13. On first hearing their sound, names like Fleet Foxes & Mountain Man may come to mind, sure – but then you start listening to the lyrics, you start paying attention to those delightful little dissonances in the guitar & harmonies, and suddeny you realize that they’ve got something totally original and truly awesome going on here.  Can’t wait to hear more from them, but for now you can grab “Royals and Rocks” for one tiny dollar at their Bandcamp.

Sarah White ’16 actually went to high school with one of my closest friends. I saw her in a fantastic all-female production of The History Boys a while back. Then last month I figured out she goes to Kenyon. Small world, eh? But seriously, if all the guitars in this post aren’t doing it for you ’cause you’re really more of a piano-ballad-oriented sort of person, then look no further. Slow, emotional fare with song titles that reference iconic American anarchists are definitely my cup of tea.  Stream her other songs over at her Soundcloud!

We here at the Thrill love to hear about new & upcoming student music projects.  Comment like there’s no tomorrow, or email us at with your suggestions!

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