Follow Up: Unity House Publishes Second Letter After Weekend Vandalism

(via the Unity House Facebook)

This evening, Unity House published an open letter to allstu and on Facebook noting the positive support the group has received from the community after rainbow flags were stole from their North Campus Apartment this past weekend. For our readers who do not receive allemp or allstu or do not follow Unity House on Facebook,  the full letter appears after the jump with details of the group’s next plan of action.

We, the residents of Unity House, have been overwhelmed by the support from the community in response to the damage to our flags that occurred this past Saturday.

This morning, we met to discuss how best to funnel this support in the most healing and effective way. Thanks to all of your generosity we will be able to replace our flags and then some. We have heard some wonderful ideas from Kenyon faculty members. Tomorrow morning we are planning to line middle path with 200 handheld pride flags. If you would like to help place the flags or be there to show your support, we will be meeting at 8 am tomorrow (Wednesday) morning in front of the library. We have also been able to purchase extra pride flags as well as a trans* pride flag so that if something like this happens again Unity House will be able to throw another flag up right away.

Additionally, we are purchasing stickers (the Kenyon logo colored with pride stripes) that can be displayed in student residences or faculty offices. These stickers will signify that the space is safe and welcoming to LGBTQ students.

More than anything from this incident we’ve been reminded of the messages our actions can convey. We have no way of knowing what the intent behind the damaging of our property was, but the message to the LGBTQ community was clear. Our sense of safety was affected. We will send our own message. We encourage all of our allies to send this same message in any way possible: our community does not accept hate or homophobia and we will do all we can to foster acceptance and safety for every member, no matter their sexuality or gender identity.

If you’d like to show your support in any other way, as always the entire community is welcome and encouraged to attend our weekly meetings. This week, we will be discussing the damaged flags. The meeting will take place on this Sunday at 2 pm at Unity House (NCA 3A).

Again we thank you for your support and loving words.

Ben Kress, Samantha Biasca, Robbie Sellers, Linda Mullin
The Residents of Unity House

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  1. I personally think the stickers are a cool idea – little window vinyls? they could go on cars! save me one!

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