The Official Thrill Fucket List

Your roommate has a list, your UCC has a list and now, your favorite Kenyon news/commentary blog has a list.  Read on after the jump to see the Kenyon locations where The Thrill thinks everyone should strive to get  dirty before they graduate. We probably missed somewhere that’s on your list, so feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

  1. Ascension: Third floor, Philo, first-floor seminar room
  2. Bolton Catwalk
  3. Both Front Bullseyes and Back Bullseyes — the former DKE bullseye still very much counts.
  4. Bushnell Lounge (It’s like a ski resort!)
  5. The church: the room downstairs where the kids have Sunday school and the altar.
  6. The Crozier Music Room
  7. The Gap Trail: the tressel bridge and the benches.
  8. The Green House
  9. Gund Commons: the ballroom (for those who wish to be on display), the game room (air hockey anyone?) and the computer lab
  10. Gund Dorm
  11. Gund Gallery
  12. The Horvitz Trustee Seminar Room
  13. The KAC: the shower, the sauna, and the indoor track. Bonus if you hit the hottub and the ice bath.
  14. The Kokosing
  15. Laundry Rooms:  that includes Gund, Watson, New Apts, Caples, Old Kenyon and Manning. (Did we miss any?)
  16. Leonard Bay-window room
  17. The Library: the atrium, a carrell (doesn’t have to be your own), study room and stacks.
  18. Milks 10
  19. A New New
  20. The Norton Upper Porch
  21. An Old Kenyon Single
  22. Peirce: a raised table in the old side, on the seal, on the couches, in the tower and in the elevator.
  23. The Post Office
  24. Timberlake House: on the huge wooden table.
  25. The Upside Down Tree
  26. The Squad: Tomsich lounges, Higley auditorium, a lab (careful of chemicals) and the elevator.
  27. Sunset Point
  28. The Stage of Rosse Hall
  29. A Storer Practice Room
  30. The Swings
  31. Your old freshman dorm room.

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  1. I hope no impressionable freshmen take this too seriously, or we might be seeing some rather unpleasant sights this weekend.

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