Thrilloween Costume Contest!

Hint: “Sexy Bee” is not what we’re looking for.

Thrilloween, n.- A magical, blog-determined Halloween week that lasts roughly from Wednesday, Oct. 24 to Wednesday, Oct. 31, so all you crazy kids have ample time to send us photos of your most creative costumes.

This year, The Thrill is holding its First Annual Halloween Costume Contest Extravaganza (yes, it’s extremely official. We actually had to sanction it with the Board of Trustees). To enter, take a pic of yourself decked out in your All Hallows’ Eve finest and send it to

The winner, as determined by Thrill staff, will receive Internet fame and bragging rights as well as an awesome mystery prize. Intrigued? You should be. Time to hit up Goodwill, Kroger and your laundry-room Lost & Found box: that super-politically relevant Big Bird costume isn’t going to make itself.

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