What’s “In” This Halloween

That costume is so not fetch.

As Oct. 31 steadily approaches, I labor over the concept and execution of my Halloween costume. Factoring in the forecast, my overall comfort, and the possibility of reusing the outfit (i.e. wearing one or more of the pieces out in public), it can become a lengthy process, often resulting in an uncoordinated costume. In order to prevent this seasonal struggle, here are a few suggestions sure to impress both the haters and potential hook-ups on All Hallows Eve.

  1. Any character from a Wes Anderson Film — As in, wear these costumes with a hint of irony and intellectual snobbery. For Max Fischer from Rushmore, a schoolboy blazer, cropped chinos, socks and sneakers, topped with a red beret.
  2. Greco-Roman Inspired — This is for that special friend that just begs for an excuse to roll naked on Halloween — seriously though, no shame! Something like Aphrodite, the goddess of Beauty.
  3. Political Power Couples — You thought I would throw out the idea of dressing as Barack and Michelle or Mitt and Ann? Well, guess again. No, I’m referring to SNL’s favorite bi-partisan power couple of the Ragin’ Cajun, James Carville, and the impossibly chic Mary Matalin (that asymmetrical bob of hers is shear perfection).  Matching power suits with the requisite glasses and bald cap (Carville) and gobstopper-sized pearls (Matalin) are the necessary components to complete this outfit. For tips on accents, mannerisms, etc., please refer to Bill Hader and YouTube.
  4. The Group Costume — Group costumes can be limiting, but not if you’re willing to switch it up! If a trio of ladies is in need of a costume concept, look no further than the Beastie Boys’ Intergalactic video. White construction jumpsuits, chem lab goggles, cleaning gloves and hard hats scream sex appeal. For the gentlemen out there, how about a little SATC? Deep down, inside all of us, there’s a Charlotte, Miranda, Samantha, or Carrie … it’s the truth. To pull this off, you’ll need access to a woman’s closet and stylish flats — Middle Path is treacherous in heels and not for the faint of heart.
  5. Your Professor (or the entire department)– Classics. Political Science. Religious Studies. The options and trends are endless. (Ed.: The “Tim Spiekerman” consists of a blue blazer, white shirt, khaki pants, and no tie, ever. Ever ever ever.)

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