10 o’clock list: Five Types of Students in the Incoming Class Facebook Group

Tonight’s 10 o’clock list comes to us courtesy of Jack Quigley ’16, one of the Thrill’s new first-year interns. 

1) The student who never joins the group (good for them).

2) The student who is in it, never posts anything, but laughs hysterically at all that is there.

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3) The person who writes a brief introduction about his or herself, realizes it’s weird, and regrets it for the next six months.

4) The kid who is too excited for the classes they want to take and posts a video detailing their love for James Joyce and Ayn Rand and complains that they can only sign up for four classes a semester. [Ed.- Too real. Nobody cares, kid.]

5) That random sophomore who keeps talking about how South Campus is going to overtake the Frosh Quad in an epic battle, explaining that Lewis will be the first to fall, but those in Norton will have time to make a quick getaway.

6 responses

  1. What about the kid who adds everyone in the class group and/or comments on every post? Every class group has one of these.

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