Have Questions for the Congressional Debate?

Joyce-Healy AbramsBob Gibbs

As you probably have heard, Kenyon will host the only face-to-face debate for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District on Tuesday at 7:oopm. The debate will be between incumbent Bob Gibbs (R) and challenger Joyce Healy-Abrams (D). The debate is being hosted by the College’s Center for the Study of American Democracy (CSAD) and will be held in Rosse Hall. However, CSAD needs some questions to ask these candidates!

That’s where you come in. If you have questions for the debate, submit them below in the comments. Indicate to whom your question is adressed (questions can be adressed to both candidates) and please keep the tone of your question civil! To learn a little more, here are Gibbs’ and Healy-Abrams’ campaign websites.

7 responses

  1. Vice President Biden, I was looking forward to watching your appearance on C-SPAN or a similar station, like C-SPAN 3. Not to mention my classes are not happening. I hope some of my friends are in one of those 420/pizza moods. What would you do if you were me: like, /me/ me?

    • But more importantly: how do I overcome learned helplessness without practiciing it, like Mr. Allin, whose music I find dubious but whom’s tranpsaceprencies I greatlie apreciagte?

  2. What do I do when having read GG Allin’s Wikipedia page is a catch-all clever joke? I am just trying to become the best self anyone never heard of.

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