10 o’clock list: Spooky Greek Organizations

Old Kenyon via the Alumni Bulletin

Today is Halloween and also a Wednesday. Maybe something fun is happening in AD Division! But something fun could be happening in one of Kenyon’s spookier Greek organizations’ divisions, too. What? The Peeps don’t scare you? After the jump are five of Kenyon’s creepiest Greek organizations. Stay safe tonight, guys and ghouls.

  1. Beta Omega Omega (BΩΩ) This ghostly fraternity is affectionately referred to as “Boo.” Members must be capable of walking through walls, calling unsuspecting student’s PBXes and turning all the showers on as hot as they can go in Old Kenyon. Before initiation, pledges must race Stewie from the Bullseye to the Gates of Hell.
  2. Beta Alpha Tau (BAT) The BATs are Kenyon’s oldest non-human sorority. Division housing is on the underside of the Gap Trail’s tressle bridge. They have a burn book full of pictures of students skinny dipping, so be nice.  They are the KAT’s sister organization.
  3. Kappa Alpha Tau (KAT) The KATs are Kenyon’s oldest non-human fraternity. Division housing is in the Farr Hall parking lot. Members are infamous for rumbling with skunks and stealing macaroni and cheese wedges from the Cove. The are the BAT’s brother organization.
  4. Mu Nu Mu (MNM) Look for MNMs in the Bookstore, the Market and the basement of Gund (check the vending machines). If you crack their hard exterior, you’ll find that these frat guys are real sweeties on the inside.
  5. Epsilon Epsilon Kappa (EEK) Ahhhh! Eeeek!

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