How To: Scare Yourself Tonight

Don’t blame me when you’re huddling under the covers and refusing to leave. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Halloween is a silly Hallmark holiday that most people associate more with fairy princesses, dinosaurs and candy than with monsters and actually being scared. But for the horror junkie in all of us, there are plenty of actually scary things out there that you can experience right from your own room! And with the early onset of winter, that might be a good thing, since I’m sure as hell not going out there without a good reason. The Thrill is happy to provide you with plenty of ways to whip yourself (or an unlucky roommate) into an unproductive cycle of terror, because who cares about turning in the homework for your 9:40?

  1. For the traditionalists, there are tons of scary things to read about on Wikipedia. From serial killers to mysterious incidents to monsters, Wikipedia is a good starting point for your Halloween scare-fest.
  2. Continuing off of that, Wikipedia is also a great place to read about science. Wait, why is science scary? Well, ask any biology student, and s/he’ll tell you that science is freaking scaryThe Thrill recommends not eating right before looking around this part of the Internet, as it tends to be full of pretty disgusting symptom pictures.
  3. If you’re a first year or an upperclassman who’s never heard them, the Kenyon ghost stories are a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit. If you went to Shocktoberfest at the Horn, though, you’ll have heard a lot of these from Prof. Shutt himself.
  4. You’ve almost definitely watched horror movies on Halloween before, but how about a book? Read The Silence of the Lambs after dark and you’ll reconsider thinking that books can’t be as scary as more sensory media; your imagination can fill the gaps in scarier ways than Hollywood ever could.
  5. When all else fails, anyone with a soul will be scared by Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

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