10 o’clock list: Top Ways to Keep the Spirit of Halloween Alive

You can totally wear that dress again!

It’s officially November, and around 2:00 a.m. last night, the Halloween season came to an end. Yes, boys and girls, eating copious amounts of candy and throwing glitter at people is no longer socially acceptable. Or is it?  Let’s be honest, Halloween is a fantastic holiday. There’s disguises, sugary treats, spooky scaries, and oh so much fun! So why not mix some Halloween elements into your daily routine! It’s easy!

  1. Halloween music — Monster Mash, Thriller, Werewolf Bar Mitzvah are all Halloween classics, but also just great songs that can and should be added to your weekend playlist. And nothing says “let’s get weird” like unseasonable music. 
  2. Treat yo’ self — There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having some Reese’s peanut butter cups (or as one of my suitemates calls them “happy cakes”) after a rough day. This time of year can really take it out of you and sometimes all you need is a little sugar buzz.
  3. Liquor Treat — Make every weekend Trick-or-Treat only with alcohol. And let’s be honest, we already do this.
  4. Incorporate elements from your Halloween costume into your wardrobe — A Ninja, you say? Easy: wear a lot more black. Things to avoid: carrying a sword, wearing black ski masks. Fairy Princess? Subtly add glitter to your daily makeup routine. But you probably don’t need to reapply it because it’s mostly likely still in your hair and on your face from Saturday night. Glitter is forever.
  5. Take on the persona of your costume — There is a big difference between dressing as a zombie Telebubby for one night and demanding that your professors call you “Lala” for the rest of the semester. Sure, your friends, parents, and advisor will start to worry about your mental health when you refuse to take that weird antenna hat off for two months and randomly start biting people.* But that kind of dedication is what legends are made of. It would be the performance of a lifetime.

*The Thrill does not endorse cannibalism or zombies.

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