No-Shave November and Beard of the Week: Tommy Hans

Mr. Movember

This week, a slew of Kenyon men have taken it upon themselves to honor the annual month-long marathon of virility known as No-Shave November. For the next 30 days, Kenyon is about to get a whole lot fuzzier. While some people find the sudden onslaught of scruff to be sexy, others (a.k.a. mothers and DFMO’s) aren’t as receptive.

And while most folks participate in No-Shave November for the sake of demonstrating their superior hair-growing skills, those with more charitable aspirations might want to consider being a part of  Movember, a month-long charity event during which men grow mustaches to raise funds and awareness for prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

But be it beard, mustache, or mutton chop; all facial hair is welcome here on The Thrill during these cold winter months.

But for now, check out the Beard of the Week after the jump!

Tom Hans' Beard of the Week

The Man: Tommy Hans ’15

The Look: The Penny Harden

Grow Time: A month and some change

Inspirations: James Harden and Abraham Lincoln

3 responses

  1. While I realise this is the beard of the week article, the author could have at least put (in parentheses, even) that some ladies partake in No Shave November as well.

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