Where Were You?

(via Freedom’s Lighthouse)

Last night was tense. I mean real tense. Meaning I ate about six slices of pizza and a bag of Whoppers tense. But regardless of who you support, it’s a relief that this election is finally over. Whether you screamed and jumped and hugged when President Barack Obama was re-elected, or quietly slinked off to bed, last night was a historic moment for us all. Where were you when you found out that the television networks and the AP had called the election for the President?

I was by myself in the photo lab and I muted the election coverage so I could watch a funny YouTube video. Meanwhile I texted my friend, “I think Obama is gonna win!!” and she told me he already did. –Nicholas Anania ’14

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I stayed up until 6:00 a.m. (Poland time) to watch the results roll in with my friend. It took a bottle of wine, a pack of Oreos and some apple juice to make it through, but I’m so glad that I did. –Kaylyn Talkington ’14

 I was in the library frantically finishing an essay due before midnight. When I turned it in at 11:48 I went to the atrium to call my friend to ask who won. She said “Happy Birthday, you got Obama for the next four years!” –Katherine Baker ’14

I was in Denmark! it was nearly 6:00 a.m. here before we could confirm Obama’s victory, but several other American students with whom I study, as well as Danish students who live with us, all stayed awake. We’re still sitting around waiting for Romney’s concession speech (it’s about 7:00 a.m. now) but everyone is so incredibly happy and excited. The most left-wing politicians in the States are considered pretty conservative here, so there were no doubts about who the Danish people wanted to be the American president. –Sarah Morgan Cohen-Smith ’14

CROZIER!! Our uteruses are safe!!!!!! –Colleen Damerell ’13

I was in the Manning lounge with both Democratic and Republican friends, ready to toast the President with a bottle of wine. –Jordi Alonso ’14

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  1. When the campus is mostly affiliated with the Democratic party (and rightly so, I’d say), I’m not sure what else you would expect.

    If you’re disappointed with Romney not winning frankly you’re on the wrong side of history and I’m glad if the Thrill wasn’t able to find anyone disappointed about that aspect of the outcome.

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