What is Greek Council?

For those of you unaware, we have Greek life at Kenyon! The people you have seen wearing weird shapes on T-shirts are in fact Greek, and those are Greek symbols (but actually some of the weird symbols you see are just weird symbols. Learn the Greek alphabet, it’s important knowledge). You may now start recognizing the temple thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “Delt Lodge” and the basement thing with the beer-soaked floor as the “DKE Lounge.”

Basically, Greek Council is a board that serves to connect the Greek organizations together and represent the opinions and values of Greek life, but also to keep Kenyon Greek values consistent with Kenyon’s educational goals. Also, they get to slap probation on you if you haze. But Greek Council isn’t just about Greeks! They also organize fun events for the whole community, which everyone should go to because they are usually fundraisers for good causes.

There are 10 people on the Greek executive board, and one advisor. Then there are delegates from each of the Greek organizations. If you are unaware of what these organizations are, here are the fraternities and the sororities. Greek Council is probably a lot of fun (everyone looks happy in the pictures) and Greek life is definitely a lot of fun!

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  2. Fun fact: every person on Greek council, including delegates, has slept with every other person on Greek council! It’s part of initiation! Teehee!

  3. All Goddamn Independents (GDI’s) must report to the Greek Council and admit their inferiority. Failure to do so will result in execution or a wedgie.

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