Last Chance to Take the Designated Smoking Area Poll

The smoking ban is definitely going into effect after winter break.

In a student-info, Campus Senate announced that starting in January, “smoking will be allowed 15 feet outside of all residential areas and (at least) two non-residential areas. ”

But they  need you, reader, to help choose the two non-residential areas. Whether you view designated smoking areas as cruel, Sendoff style adult playpens or completely necessary cages for the mentally unstable, take this poll!

Many of you complain that Campus Senate never asks for student input. Let this blog post be your call to action. Take advantage of your last chance to whine productively about the enactment of the smoking policy and fill out the poll.

You can whine unproductively about the enactment of the smoking policy in the comments.

5 responses

  1. I don’t think the changes to the student handbook are particularly clear, there is no distance limit anymore. Being “immediately adjacent” to places on ingress or egress does not define the word “immediately” which will definitely be tricky for enforcement, if it is enforced at all.

  2. I just don’t understand why anyone would ever start smoking in the first place. Because it’s “cool”? You’re literally taking years off your life, and for no good reason. Plus, it’s expensive, rots your teeth and gums, damages lungs, increases likelihood of cancer, etc.

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