Weekend Sports Roundup

The Ladies cross country team (via Kenyon Athletics)

This weekend marked the end of the 2012 fall sports season. The results from the final weekend are below:


Squash at Navy Squash Veterans Weekend Round Robin (vs. Naval Academy): Loss 9-0

Women’s swimming vs. Miami University: Loss 175-116


Men’s cross country at NCAA Regional Championship: 18th place

Women’s cross country at NCAA Regional Championship: 4th place

  • The Ladies have also earned a spot in the NCAA Division III Cross Country National Championships on Nov. 17. Congratulations!

Football vs. Denison University: Loss 13-22

  • They may not have the conference title, but they ended the season with a winning record for the first time since 2005. And remember, they’re rebounding from two straight winless seasons. This team will see great things ahead.

Squash at Navy Round Robin:

  • vs. Naval Academy B Team: Loss 5-4
  • vs. Bucknell University: Loss 8-1
  • vs. Georgetown University: Loss 8-1


Squash at Navy Round Robin (vs. The George Washington University): Loss 9-0

  • Kenyon went in as the underdog of the competition, so what’s most important is that they were competing with some of the top ranked teams in the country. (For instance, Navy is ranked 14th and GW is ranked 16th.) This bodes well for qualifying for the national tournament in February.

Men’s and women’s basketball start their regular seasons next weekend, and squash will continue to compete into the winter. Congratulations to all of our fall Lords and Ladies for stellar seasons!

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  1. Thank God that the ultimate team’s appearance at the nation’s most prestigious and selective Fall tournament wasn’t mentioned. That would have been a journalistic travesty of epic proportions. Keep it up, Thrill. In the meantime, our off-season is going well, gettin’ swole as fuck.

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