ECO Tip of the Week: Thanksgiving Leftover Menu

This series comes to us courtesy of  Kenyon ECO ( Environmental Campus Organization). 

This stern turkey wants you to go green.

We know that the food your family concocts for the Thanksgiving meal may not be local, organic or otherwise eco-friendly. But don’t lose hope – you can make up for that by subsisting on leftovers for as long as possible. Here’s a foolproof week-long menu to help you make the most of the season of giving.

Friday: Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

An ideal way to use up the maximum amount of turkey, mashed potatoes, bean casserole and corn all at once. Also, the more pies the merrier…right?

Saturday: Mashed Potato Pancakes

Rise and shine to cook these for your entire family. Mix raw eggs and chopped onions with whatever mashed potatoes you can salvage, and cook them on the griddle. Serve with cranberry sauce.

Sunday: Pumpkin Pie Milkshakes

Bundle up to enjoy this chilly treat, a traditional Thanksgiving staple for the family of Edith Willey ‘13. According to Edith, “you just put some ice cream in a blender, put some pumpkin pie in there, and add a little milk. If you do one thing over break, do this. Don’t do homework. Don’t talk to your family.”

Monday: Turkey Soup

Throw what’s left of that bird into a crock pot and let it stew with some chicken broth. Optimal for using those bits of meat that that are still stuck to the bone. Serve with leftover cornbread and some local, in-season veggies.

Tuesday: Mini Sandwiches

Cut the food into smaller pieces to make its seem new and exciting!  For these tiny delights, try new and interesting combinations of food that may not have touched on your plate during The Real Meal. Some ideas include but are not limited to: cranberry sauce, turkey, and marshmallow; and mashed potatoes, green beans, and gravy. If you need further inspiration, always remember this motto: what would Peirce do?

Wednesday: Thanksgiving Pizza

By now you’re probably longing for the Hearth back home in Peirce. Throw everything left in your fridge onto some pizza dough and call it a night.

Thursday: You made it an entire week! Go eat something fresh and local, and make sure to brush your teeth with homemade toothpaste.

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