Kenyon Kribs: ECO/PEAS House

There is a little fisherman that guards the door to the Stepford-esque (at least from the outside) ECO/PEAS house. Inside lies a space perfect for eating and crafting, with annoyingly spacious rooms and tigers plastering the walls. If you stop by to take photographs of their home, they may serve you chocolate tea or homemade bread. Their living room space is home to D.I.Y. Krafternoon every Friday, as well as a blue, fuzzy, somewhat phallic pillow. The eight residents brew beer, build bikes, bake bread, and also run and bike. Basically, they are the crafty, outdoorsy people you wish you were, living together in a beautiful house.

See more of their cozy, messy home after the jump!

Their library (above) features many Eco-friendly guides for those of us who are looking to become one with the earth. Included in these is a guide to brewing your own beer — something every Kenyon student (over the age of 21) should really explore. There is a beer-brewing station in the corner of the house next to a box of clothes and garbage:

The living room is a well-lit spot for contemplating philosophical questions, krafting, eating VI burgers, and being generally jealous because I live in Mather.

Daniella Acker ’15 and Tove Pousette ’13 share an enormous double on the second floor with a private bathroom. I don’t know how to put this gently, but another double features a walk-in closet:

Well…my room feels even smaller now.

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