10 o’clock list: Cigarettes and the People Who Smoke Them

In honor of the few months left before the enactment of the fearsome Smoking Ban, I present you with a list of the cigarettes most often smoked at Kenyon, characterized by those who smoke them. Remember kids, smoking is a dangerous and expensive habit so don’t start just because you want to be made fun of on The Thrill

  1. Marlboro Blend No. 27  (27’s). Favored by Peeps and smokers with high GPAs. 
  2. Marlboro Reds. Usually, it’s boys with something to prove who smoke Reds (you know, because of their reputation as “Cowboy Killers“), but sometimes it’s weirdly the petite pretty girl in your Religious Studies class.
  3. Unfiltered Lucky Strikes. Exclusively smoked by first years with money (and lungs) to burn.
  4. American Spirits. Again, smoked by moneyed first years. Also, smoked by non-smokers.
  5. Camel Crushes. Athletes (shh, don’t tell), the health conscious and genteel first-year girls have all been known to enjoy popping the menthol bubble in these cigarettes. We hear that GG Allin smokes these too?
  6. Camel Blues. Everyone and their mom smokes Blues. They are the gender neutral cigarette. Often seen between the fingers of “social smokers.”
  7. Pall Malls.  Purchased and consumed by addicts whose parents haven’t deposited their monthly allowance into their Peoples Bank accounts yet.

14 responses

  1. Bah, no mention of Camel Filters (the Camel equivalent to Marlboro Reds) smoked by the tried and true smoker, Marlboro Golds (formerly Lights) smoked by the dude who just picked up the vile habit, any form of menthol (Newports!). Oh well, good list.

  2. THERE WILL BE FORUMS to stop the smoking ban. it is student sanctioned and can be lifted by students. please attend these forums, we have a chance to keep a democratic campus.

  3. This pretty much sums up the findings of my sociology comps project. Might I add:

    rollies – North Campus, probably a studio art major.
    pipe tobacco – libertarian poly-sci majors
    swisher sweets and white owls – freshmen celebrating the end of classes, looking for something to take the edge off that purloined bottle of 99 Banana
    Menthol Camel No. 9 100’s – that weird guy in Watson who you know goes here, but no one has ever seen in class

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