New Thanksgiving Tuneage From Ryan Mach, Andrew Dunham, Pinegrove and More!

First off on my list of “things I’m thankful for” would probably be the Internet.  Bottomless social media and entertainment prospects aside (hi mom and dad, bye mom and dad), my job at The Thrill would basically be impossible without the file-sharing badassery made possible by all those cool little tubes.

Secondly, as their absence from the universe would also severely hamper my work here, I’d like to extend my hearty thanks to all the Internet-savvy musicians out there.  Dunno if you’ve ever spent time at Bandcamp, sat in the shade of a Soundcloud, or explored the outer limits of Myspace (that’s what we used before Facebook, for those of you graduating in 2016), but without those sites I would be nothing, you hear me?  Nothing.

Anyway, gratuitous gratitude aside, hit the jump for some excellent new music from Kenyon students and alumni alike.  You can even download a couple of them, for free!  How ’bout them Internets, eh?

This jam was leaked to The Thrill by an anonymous sound tech who asked to be referred to simply as “los Nuge.” Sparkly auto-tuned hooks and chopped vocal samples hover above an ocean of murky thump, courtesy of Mr. Mach‘s ever-obvious laptop finesse.  The pop-R&B backbone of the track is capped off by a pair of delicious guest verses from the current commanders-in-cheifing of Kenyon hip-hop, Andrew Dunham.  Weird, chilled-out, and effortlessly catchy, this tune has me pretty much convinced that these dudes should be collaborating 24-7.

Gracing us with new material for the first time since the release of their LP Meridian earlier this year, Pinegrove just put this banjo-jamming tune up on their Soundcloud (in .aiff too, for all you audiophiles!), clearly just to prove that Evan Hall’s still got it.  Mildly psychedelic indie rock that will leave you humming about neglecting your civic duties to smoke pot (disclaimer: the Thrill does not endorse such choices, but if you managed to accomplish both we’ll try and find it in our hearts to forgive you).

An appropriately hedonistic ballad to round out the set – The Young Crooks (aka Win Dunham of Andrew Dunham) have been leaking us glimpses of upcoming LP Terror Tablet for a couple months now, and every one makes me even more voraciously anxious to hear it.  “Sum Guns” sounds like Dunham was dropped to the bottom of the ocean with nothing but a mic, a drum machine, and a very well-stocked backpack.  I hesitate to call it a “downer” track, but his songwriting has been getting more introspective and melancholic with every new release, and I friggin love it.  Keep your eyes peeled for the album…

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  1. Andrew loves girls with hoops. Everyone loves girls with hoops. Girls look sexy in hoops. Girls, please wear more hoops.

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