The Monday Catchup


Amazon warehouses: the waiting room of your material needs. (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were getting your hair cut over break:

The Lead Story: Today is Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year. After dropping over $1 billion on Black Friday, shoppers are expected by many to spend around $1.5 billion on the web today. Here’s a guide to the ins and outs of the digital holiday.

Everything Else:

The Powerball Lottery has reached $425 million, the largest jackpot in history.

Hezbollah to Israel: Don’t attack Lebanon.

Will Puerto Rico Be America’s 51st state?

The final iteration of Twilight held onto first place in the box office over Thanksgiving weekend, raking in $43 million. Skyfall, the newest Bond movie, came in second and Steven Spielberg’s biopic Lincoln came in third.

The Long Read: The story of of an avalanche, told by a survivor.

The Weather: As you might have feared, the colder temperatures are here to stay. Expect highs in the low 40s, with temperatures increasing on Friday and Saturday. No sign of snow anytime soon.

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