Something to Argue About: Sarah Lawrence Professor Respects Kenyon, but Not Grinnell Basketball

In one of the more bizarre sports events of recent memory, Grinnell College basketball player Jack Taylor scored an astounding 138 points last Tuesday against Division III opponent Faith Baptist Bible College to bring his team to a 179-104 victory last week and earn him the NCAA single-game scoring record. While most of the media frenzy has been pro Jack-Taylor-shooting-the-lights-out,  Sarah Lawrence College American Studies professor Nicolaus Mills has recently spoken out in dissent. What does this have to do with Kenyon? To be honest, very little directly.

In his editorial, Mills cites that Grinnell’s accomplishments in the game are hardly fair considering the financial and institutional advantage of Grinnell over its opponent:

“Grinnell is, to be sure, a small college, but Grinnell is far from any small college. Like a series of elite Midwestern schools–Kenyon, Oberlin, Carleton, Macalester — Grinnell has an enormous endowment, a superb faculty and a national reputation.”

Thanks for the shout out.

I can’t help but wonder if he’s listed these colleges in any particular order … anyway, Mills goes on to compare specifically the $1.5 billion endowment, 1,693 student enrollment and $41,004 tuition of Grinnell to Faith Baptist Bible College’s unlisted endowment, 302 students enrolled and $14,478 tuition fee. He finishes by calling such a running up of the score an essentially classless act in violation of the unspoken rule of not running the score up. What do you think? Is the ordering of colleges when Kenyon is cited numerical? Was this an act of jackassery by Grinnell? Is Mills going too easy on Faith Baptist Bible? Feel free to get feisty in the comments and advertise your dating services below.

[Ed.: Prof. Mills’ math is questionable; Kenyon’s endowment is about eight times smaller than Grinnell’s and Warren Buffett didn’t serve on our Board of Trustees.]

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