Meet a Beer and Sex Advisor: Natalie Hession ’13

Natalie resembling Cindy Lou Who

This year, The Thrill is spotlighting Beer and Sex Advisors to raise awareness about the peer-led resources available to Kenyon students. This week’s feature is Natalie Hession, a senior sociology major from Los Angeles, Calif. Her last name is an anagram for Noses, Hi (if it had comma in it), and she is known for her super-strength. Read on to learn about her spicy food preferences and her thoughts on Christmas ale.

What is your beer of choice? [Ed.: – It’s cool, she’s 21.]

Currently I’ve been exploring all beer has to offer in the way of Christmas-themed ale. Here are some good options:

What is your favorite nickname for yourself?

“Natatat” is pretty fun to say.

What are your thoughts on hot sauce?

I’m glad you asked about hot sauce because I am known for addictions to spicy foods. Being from the West Coast I am inclined to rally for sriracha. I even received a bottle of it in a Christmas stocking. More importantly, I would like to take the opportunity to make a plug for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They are bountiful in the west and very rarely seen on the East Coast. You should all try a taste.

Why did you become a Beer and Sex advisor?

As a first year, I had a great experience in the program. I think our whole hall attended almost every meeting (although I was known to provoke my hallmates). Since joining B&S I’ve made meaningful relationships with co-leaders who have become some of the most important people I’ve met at Kenyon. My halls are made up of really incredible, bright people. I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to connect and have real conversations with younger students. Also, this program is completely student-run. I’m really proud at how well-received it is and how relaxed talking about Beer & Sex is (and should be). Trainings are like Kamp Kenyon x 100. We are a family.

Who is your Kenyon idol?

Although she has been made famous by a song, [Assistant Professor of Sociology] Anna Sun is the most regal person you will ever meet. Her seminars are like Bikram yoga. We analyze every line in sociological texts and your brain feels severely stretched (in a good way) after leaving. She is also been so insightful, generous and kind to the senior socy majors.

What is your favorite Bookstore snack?

Recent discovery for my apartment are the “Humbles” snacks. Looks like a cracker, but not to be mistaken for Pop Chips because get this…they are made of hummus.

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