Tweets on Tweets on Tweets: Volume III


Do you know why this girl is smiling? Because she knows who to follow on Twitter, that’s why.

Yes, many Kenyon students have great Twitter presences. But also “the administration” (or whatever) runs some great Twitter accounts. After scouring my Twitter feed, I’ve found the best vaguely adult Kenyon related Twitter accounts. These Twitters might not make you laugh, but they will keep you informed, give you something to talk to your grownup friends about and help you talk up Kenyon while you’re home for break.

First, we have @kenyoninthenews. As its name suggests, this College run account highlights the achievements of Kenyon students, past and present. Kenyon In the News is probably the easiest way to find articles about Kenyon alumni as well as big events on campus (e.g. Michelle Obama).

Sample Tweet:


Next, @KenyonClassics. Yes, our Classics department does have a Twitter. Kenyon Classics mostly tweets about combinations of Kenyon students and Greek/Roman writers of old. The account is managed by Associate Professor of Classics Adam Serfass, who makes sure that the whole internet knows precisely how many  students have declared Classics majors and minors. It’s a digital gem.

Sample Tweet:


If ancient Greeks aren’t really your thing, you should follow the modern @KenyonGreek instead. Do you like Chipotle? Then why aren’t you following Greek Council on Twitter? GC usually live tweets each meeting, ending with a Kenyon related trivia question. Correctly answering the weekly trivia question puts you in a drawing for a Chipotle gift card! You would be silly not to play. Also, GC posts up to date information on weekend Safe Rides, which is super helpful because winter is coming.

Sample Tweet:

Greek Council

If you are into sports (especially Kenyon’s teams), you should check out @JayPera. Richard Pera ’14 (who runs the account) is the Collegian writer who has covered this year’s football season in-depth. Following this account will you keep up to speed with the Lords and Ladies when you can’t be cheering in the stands.

Sample Tweet:

Jay Pera

Finally, I recommend the @KenyonCollegian. If your busy life prevents you from grabbing a copy of the Collegian in Pierce on Thursdays, the paper’s twitter feed is for you. The Collegian‘s website, beautiful as it is, may not entice you to read about campus news. Luckily, their social media expert Eric Geller ’14 rounds up the Collegian’s best articles each week and tweets them out for your consumption!

Sample Tweet:


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  1. @merprobs is one of the most followed twitters at Kenyon. She tweets about kenyon life as it happens with many surprises along the way

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