Made in Peirce: Special English Muffin Edition

iEnglish MuffinsThe Simpsons understand me (via

English muffins are one of my most important staples in Peirce. They’re flexible: you can eat them at any meal or during extendo. On top of that, they have this special taste that normal bread just can’t live up to. For a day when Peirce is getting you down, or you’re just having that special English muffin craving, here are some ideas:

photo-5The breakfast sandwich I found on my phone but didn’t make…

The Breakfast Sandwich: You have to get up early to create this one during the week, but it’s perfect at Sunday brunch. Lay a fried egg on your English muffin and add tomato and cheese, and it’s even better with hot sauce and some hash browns. It may even be enough to pull you out from under your covers to do your work.

photo-6 The perfect little pizza.

The Peirce Pizza: For this sandwich, you want to look for the giant metal bowl of tomato sauce that is sometimes hiding over by Hearth. Take your little muffin and spread some tomato sauce inside. Then, add spinach, tomato, cheese, and whatever else your little heart desires. You should also grill it because melted cheese is amazing.

photo-4It can be hard to make an English muffin look pretty.

The Classic PB&J: IT”S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!! Sometimes you just need a childhood classic to get you through the day. I would go for the local strawberry jam and crunchy peanut butter.

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