Musician Profile: Adam Reed ’15

“Sweet Reed” playing the bass (above, right).

Last night, Adam Elliot Reed sat down with me and answered some questions for the second installment of Musician Profiles for The Thrill. When he’s not making music, Reed lives in the Buddhist House Acland.

Musician Profile: Adam Reed

Class: 2015

Hometown: Petoskey, Mich.

Instrument(s): Bass, Drums, Guitar, Piano

Influences: Charlie Hayden, Paul Chambers, John Scofield, Charlie Parker

Major: Music

Q: When did you start playing?

A: When I was six or seven I started playing piano, and then around middle school time I started picking up drums. I did guitar on the side around that time as well. But bass, which is what I usually play, I didn’t pick up until the middle of high school.

Q: What groups do you play with on campus?

A: I play bass in the [Kenyon College] Jazz Ensemble, drums in jazz lab band,  bass in [a hip hop/jazz band called] “Giant Squid,” and I also play in “Townships,” which is a band with James Plunkett and Emma Lo.

Q: Any projects you’ve been working on that you want to share?

A: A band that I’m working with a lot right now is Townships. Keep your eye out for us, we just made some recordings (yesterday). There’s also my hip hop band (Giant Squid), and we played the VI a few weeks ago.

Q:What’s the weirdest experience you have had with music?

A: When you carry around instruments, people tend to think that you’re homeless. Also one time I was mistaken for being in a jazz choir when I was riding on the Steamboat Natchez.

Q: What is your favorite thing that you have done with music at Kenyon?

A: My favorite thing has been being able to play combo (small group) jazz both with the [Kenyon College Jazz] Ensemble and with Giant Squid.

Q: What’s your guilty pleasure, as far as music goes?

A: What’s that band with Adam Levine?

Q: Maroon 5?

A: Yeah. I like to go to a practice room and pound out disco beats to lots of Maroon 5 songs on the drums. That’s probably my guiltiest pleasure.

Q: Any words of advice for other Kenyon musicians who might just be starting out?

A: Just take all the opportunities to play that you can. I get frustrated that there are a lot of good musicians on campus that are afraid to get out there and play.

Recommended by Adam Reed: The album “Ashes & Fire” by Ryan Adams. Check out the track “Dirty Rain” here.

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