ECO Tip of the Week: Turn off the Heat, Make Your Room an Igloo

This series comes to us courtesy of  Kenyon ECO ( Environmental Campus Organization). 

Who wouldn't want to live in here?

Who wouldn’t want to live in here?

A few days ago it was sixty degrees. But Kenyon is in Ohio, and weather changes rapidly. Today, Gambier is in the 30s and tomorrow, it will be in the early 40s… And the rest of the week it will be rainy and cold and miserable. You will want to turn on your heaters to escape Ohio’s ugly winter season… but you shouldn’t! 

This week’s ECO tip challenges you to remain cold and keep those heaters off. The college’s heating system is supported by energy from natural gas. Natural gas is extracted from the ground in a process called hydraulic fracturing (AKA fracking) and contaminates drinking water!

But for those that aren’t convinced by the environmental issues surrounding fracking, turning those heaters off can also boost your social standing at Kenyon… by turning your room into the coolest igloo in Ohio (no pun intended)!

Heater-free dorm rooms support a trendy, hipster-friendly lifestyle. When your room is thirty degrees or under, you have the excuse to wear all your hand-knitted scarves, hats, mittens, sweaters, and socks! You can cozy up in ten blankets and watch hours of T.V. shows on Hulu instead of studying for exams! You can even invite your friends over to your igloo-temperature room for a knitting party and make them endless cups of hot tea! Sure , you’ll be freezing, you’ll be able to see your own breath, but you’ll be living in an igloo! Maybe you can convince the cute guy next door to keep you warm during the night.

7 responses

  1. Hey guy next door, I was wondering if you wanted to keep me warm with your body heat since I refuse to use the heaters for which I pay so much money through my tuition solely because I love to wear scarves and beanies so much and I’m all alone, for some reason.

      • And that was just a fun way to visualize somebody irrationally reacting to fracking. We are kindred spirits, it turns out

  2. “Natural gas is extracted from the ground in a process called hydraulic fracturing (AKA fracking) and contaminates drinking water!”

    There are many other ways to extract natural gas, much of which comes as a byproduct of drilling for oil etc

    I agree fracking is bad, but it isn’t huge in Ohio…yet. Our electricity on the other hand is generated mostly by burning coal (82%). This seems to be something people tend to forget.

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