Kenyon: Brought to You by Apple?

The iPhone -- Kenyon's true mascot?

It’s a dedicated reader indeed who voluntarily conducts a poll in Peirce during the chaos of prime dinner-rush hours.

Luckily for us, that’s exactly what Sarah Krumholz ’13, Lily Bullitt ’13 and Chloe Irwin ’13 did a few nights ago, and they were generous enough to pass their results on to The Thrill.

The three seniors’ survey was born out of a casual conversation about the abundance of iPhones at Kenyon, and, as they explained via email, “We wanted to put some numbers behind the discussion, so we asked everyone sitting in Old Side and New Side Peirce whether or not they had an iPhone.”

The results may surprise you — check them out after the jump!

iPhones in 6:30pm Peirce

New Side —  iPhones: 130, non-iPhones: 70

Old Side — iPhones: 69, non-iPhones: 48

Total — iPhones: 199, non-iPhones: 118

The results should provide some good material for the budding social scientists among us — why does New Side appear to have a greater percentage of iPhones than Old Side? What could it mean? Why do the technological overlords at Apple seem to wield such a mysterious power over us as a student body?

Feel free to speculate wildly in the comments.

14 responses

    • actually, percentage-wise in the new side 65% of the students use iphones while about 80% are iphone users in the old side. i guess you are fine where you are.

      • Actually it’s 59% on the old side, so who knows if there’s any significant difference between the two.

  1. I think it means that at that time fewer people were sitting in Old Side, so the numbers with/without made more of a difference percentage-wise for that side. #statistics

  2. I would have preferred a more in depth pole:
    Other smartphones (or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, all the different brands of smartphone)
    Feature phones

    the current one doesn’t say much except that a lot of people poled have iPhones and fewer people poled don’t.


      • Unintentional typo I assure you on that second one! Although I am QUITE embarrassed about that first one. What was I thinking?! Totally totally embarrassing. Thanks for pointing out my failure to notice an obvious mistake. I should learn to be more aware of my incorrect spelling. This is a school known for its English program after all….

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