Holiday Gift Guide: The Bookstore

The Thrill is excited to bring you a series of holiday gift guides for different stores around campus. Today, we feature some of the goodies for sale in the Kenyon Bookstore.


Terry’s Chocolate Orange; $5 each; table near the checkout counter — Available in dark, milk, and white, this orange-flavored chocolate in the shape of an orange is the perfect Christmas stocking stuffer. It’s the only candy I know of where you get to smack it on a table before you eat it (to separate the orange slices), so it’s great for relieving some excess end-of-semester stress.


Kenyon Christmas Tree Ornament; $8.50; on the display tree — The Bookstore has multiple varieties of Kenyon ornament, but this simple purple one is the cheapest. Buy one for your tree at home, or for the one in your dorm room if you’re lucky (6.5′ pre-lit fake tree; $40; Walmart).


Magic Tree; $5; on the front table — If the giant Walmart tree is not for you, this might do the trick. Just add water and watch it sprout! Comes with star and red garland.


Holiday edition Eco Cup; $10; display shelf near the checkout — Need something for all those peppermint lattes and cups of soothing tea and all that other winter beverage crap? This ceramic cup is decked out in festive red and white, with a silicone lid and heat sleeve. Do not lick it; it does not taste like a candy cane. But it does help you be more eco-friendly! Cute puppy doll not included.


Kenyon iPhone Case; $20; impulse purchase rack by the checkout line — This snazzy case — available for both the 4/4S and 5 — means everyone will know you’re a Lord/Lady, even when you’re not in New Side. Buy it for the obsessive texter in your life. Bonus: in the back room, there are also Kenyon shield Kindle covers, iPad covers ($35), computer mouses (that is the proper pluralization), and even a whole Kenyon keyboard ($55)!


For those who prefer Hanukkah, this Jewish nook over by the greeting cards offers a wealth of possibilites: mini-menorahs, chocolate, and my favorite, Texas Dreidel (“Are you ready to go all spin and win?!”).

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