Breaking: Three Laptops Were Taken from the Library Tonight


Greg von Freymann, a supervisor with the Office of Campus Safety, has confirmed to The Thrill reports on social media that three laptops were stolen from the library tonight.

He said that a suspicious person, identified as a brown-haired man in his mid-to-late 20s wearing a camouflage hoodie and blue jeans was spotted entering Olin Library at around 8:45 p.m. and leaving, about five minutes later, with a laptop under his arm. He was described to Campus Safety as approximately six feet tall. According to von Freymann, the man was also spotted at the KAC this evening, but did not turn up when officers searched campus.

Von Freymann asked that if students see anyone suspicious or out of place, they contact Campus Safety immediately.

14 responses

  1. Hm. Definitely think I saw this man. There was a suspicious man in a brown coat, very tall, standing idly outside of Peirce at the street corner across form the church around 8:20. I felt some sort of dangerous vibe immediately

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  3. I don’t understand why this is a concern. If you leave your laptop out in the open, what’s to stop someone from stealing it. I wouldn’t leave $1,000 dollars sitting on a library table and expect people not to take it. A wise man once said, Justice is the advantage of the stronger. If you aren’t willing to take the effort to guard your possessions from those who want to take them, you have no grounds to complain. What do we stand to gain from practicing “conventional” justice if we can steal without getting caught?

    • So true. Justice and law are just constructions of the weak meant to keep the strong from gaining advantage over them as intended by nature. This just goes to show that even the strictures of law can’t prevent the strong from rising up achieving dominance over the weak and slavish. If someone can get away with stealing, they ought to steal; that is natural law.

  4. By the dog, Callicles, you most wonderful man, why do you turn your back on Demos, your lover? How can you claim that doing injustice and not paying the just penalty when one does injustice are not the utmost of evils? Wouldn’t the wicked man, the laptop stealer, be taking advantage of the just man, the one who legally paid for the laptop? How can you not be infuriated by such things?

    • I won’t be swayed by your moral posturing, you torpedo fish of a man. Your Myth of Judgment makes it plain that your only motivation for doing justice is to avoid the fires of Hades after death. You’re a coward like the rest of them, Socrates, afraid to seize power for fear of retribution from some being greater than yourself. But perhaps you are right; perhaps the laptop stealer is not a noble man. For it does seem that to take from the weak by means of sneakery and deception is base and cowardly. Let us then say this: the truly strong, noble man would walk right up to the laptop owner, pull the laptop straight from his unsuspecting hands, and walk off calmly and bravely.

      As for Demos, he’d probably been using his laptop to look at filthy photos on the internet, the little perv. We all know how his appetites get the better of him.

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