Middle Path Style: Keeping it Stylin’ During Finals

It is officially Friday. Meaning that your classes are drawing to a close and finals are inevitably drawing nearer. The general reaction seems to be to run to the library dressed in sweats and a leopard print Snuggie and stay there until you can breathe easy once again. It is nice to see however, that some students are keeping their cool and have not resorted to blanket fashion trends just yet. Our fashion photographer with the help of myself have managed to find some stylin’ students who are still keeping it together amidst the paralyzing fear of finals. I, personally salute all of you. Good job!

Clifford Eberhardt '13

Clifford Eberhardt ’13

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Charlie Collison' 15

Charlie Collison’ 15

Molly Silverstein' 13

Molly Silverstein’ 13

26 responses

  1. None of those students look good. A black leather trench coat? The leather looks cheap and ugly. Jeans and a button down? Boring and overdone… and its a bad photo. I want to saw that the student in the third photo is dressed decently but I can’t see what she’s wearing because of the shadow.

    • I think they all look beautiful! Yes, some of the photos are a bit dark but the charisma comes through. Clifford looks incredible! He rocks the trench coat like no one else. Charlie, your outfit is not a bit overdone. You really add your own personal flair.

  2. Literally only people who are friends with the staffers get on this. It is basically a showcase of pictures of “my friends and articles about funny things my friends are saying or doing”. Try covering some new groups! Diversity!! We preach it all the time at Kenyon. The Thrill needs to stop acting like a cliquey 17 year old.

  3. Clearly the last comment is from someone whose drinking too much red bull for finals. To quote the prophet Snoop Dog…chilllllll

  4. I, for one, think Izzy is one of the best writers the Thrill has ever seen. She’s witty, quick, thoughtful and always asks the best kind of questions. It doesn’t take much to criticize someone else’s work, does it?

  5. Right on “Still Annoyed”! I think there are three angry young Kenyonites who are flunking Intro to Film and are locked up in a closet in the library drinking shots of red bull and Nyquil
    hating all that is good in the world…

  6. This isn’t at all representative of Kenyon. Where are the scene girls? Where are the Civil War re-enactors? Where are the lesbian Afro-Norwegian funk enthusiasts? Seriously, wake up and look around you!

  7. most importantly, i don’t think it’s a trench coat, it’s a duster. it’s thicker and far more bad-ass. it makes him look like lorenzo lamas and women probably find him irresistible.

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