10 o’clock list: Best Videos to “Help You Study”

After a while, you just can’t justify distracting yo’ self in Olin anymore. That’s when you turn to the videos that ostensibly are helping you study, but that are really just hilarious.

Philosophers’ Football Match (Political Science or Philosophy, featured above) — This classic Monty Python sketch provides a good quick overview of the main German and Greek philosophers, their claims to fame, and what positions they play on the soccer pitch. And if you can’t think of a good answer for your Classical Quest essay prompt about Aristotle, just claim he was offside and so nothing he said counted.

Three-Minute Philosophy (Philosophy or maybe Political Science) — This series is similar to the one above, but with less sport and a little more info on the various philosophers. Definitely at least as good as Sparknotes.

Anything With Bill Nye (the Sciences) — Over the course of his long and distinguished career, Nye has made an entertaining video about almost every scientific topic. He also never ages. Fun fact: Nye was once married to a professional oboist, but the marriage did not work out well because it only lasted seven weeks and the oboist ended up pouring weed killer in Nye’s garden. Yo-Yo Ma played at the wedding.

Sassy Gay Friend (English) — It’s the morning of your English exam and you never did read Othello. What, what, what are you going to do? Watch the Sassy Gay Friend version, of course. It’s the only way to keep you from looking like a stupid bitch when essay-writing time comes around.

Metronomes Synching (Music or maybe Physics) — The soothing sound of 32 metronomes merging together as one will lull you into a deep, dreamless sleep where the worries of finals can’t reach you. Also, you can write about it in your Intro to Music Theory exam as proof of how rhythm is important, or something.

Do you have a favorite “academic” YouTube video? Or are you just mad that your major didn’t get featured? Share in the comments!

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