10 o’clock list: Grossest Smells at Kenyon

Via Wikimedia Commons

There are many gross smells here at Kenyon College, and not all of them are the first years (but some of them are). In honor of the weird raw sewage smell that pervaded the library last night, here is a catalogue of the grossest smells Kenyon has to offer.

  1. The Cup and Silverware Liquids in Peirce. The smell emanating from the bucket full of the liquid from emptied cups combined with smell wafting from the bin full of soapy water and food particles might be the most repulsive scent on campus. There is no shame in shrieking when splashed with cup and silverware liquid; the smell qualifies it as toxic. 
  2. Old Kenyon Bathrooms on a Saturday Night. I’ve never been able to tell which smells more like urine: Keystone or actual urine. Regardless, the muddy beer pee mixture that coats the linoleum of Old Kenyon bathrooms on party nights is really smelly.
  3. New Apts. After Being Allowed to Fester With Mold All Summer Long. The species of “dark mildew” specific to the New Apartments loves the three-month summer vacation. Closed blinds, closed doors and warm humid spaces provide the perfect conditions for mold to thrive, sending fuzzy tendrils around bathroom faucets and up ceiling corners. The mildew scent takes months to dissipate.
  4. Gambier on Fertilizer Day. Fertilizer is made out of manure. Manure smells like (and is) shit.
  5. The Boys Floor in Gund Residence Hall. Caused by first-year boys who are still unsure about how to do their laundry (even though the washing machines are right below their feet!), lobby dwellers who order pizza and play Magic the Gathering, and not enough ventilation.

19 responses

  1. New Apartments smell like life born from struggle and worn with tremendous dignity. It is nice to peel oranges and throw them into the fire after making love to your woman in the morning.

  2. I’m offended by the picture on this post. I smell like roses and waterfalls, new baby toes and fresh-fallen rain on a field of newly-grown grass.

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