Kenyon Kraftz (Kinda): Express Your Finals-Week Angst via GIF

You are Bob Ross, and the Internet is your palette.

You are Bob Ross, and the Internet is your palette.

Today’s edition of Kenyon Kraftz goes out to all the stressed, creatively challenged Internet nerds out there (better-known around the Thrill offices as “our target demographic.”) This create-your-own-GIF website can help you express your inner finals-week turmoil; no, it’s not a particularly kreative Kenyon kraft, but  it’s quick, easy and should bring you much unproductive joy. Good luck ever writing a paper again.

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Do what they tell you to do (it takes like 20 seconds).

Step 3. Enjoy your personalized GIF.

For my GIF, I chose to upload 3 photos of myself miserably trying to complete a 10-page term paper. Check it out after the jump!

I believe the GIF’s three-second runtime adequately expresses the evening’s gamut of emotions — notice how it transitions seamlessly from “Can I hide in this oversized shirt?” to “I am hiding in this oversized shirt”, then straight into “I am lying in the fetal position on the ground and sucking my thumb.”

Overwhelmed procrastinators of the world, try it out for yourself. Who knows, your finished product might even be What Would Kenyon Call Me-worthy.

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