We Are the 10 Lords-a-Leaping

lords_football_display_imageIt looks like there might be more than just ten lords-a-leaping.

Bleacher Report is a sports news website, one that I would be checking a lot more often if the NHL was actually having a season this year. I never really expected to see any Kenyon news there. The Lords aren’t listed under the College Football section. The Kenyon/Wooster game didn’t make it into the 25 Most Electrifying College Football games of 2012 slideshow, and if a shattered window isn’t electrifying then I don’t know what is.

But then came this article. Entitled “Top 12 Stadiums to Experience the 12 Days of Christmas,” it includes the stadiums of professional teams, high schools, colleges, and even teams outside the United States. And in the tenth spot, Lords-a-Leaping, are our own Kenyon Lords, complete with a picture of them leaping out onto the “quaint” McBride Field. Who knows? Maybe we’ll get some more recognition from this site in the future!

4 responses

  1. Ten Lords a-leaping, and yet for the “nine Ladies dancing” they go with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders?!

    Shenanigans. Pure, unadulterated shenanigans.

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