Musician Profile: James Plunkett ’13

Plunkett '13 viciously savaging Will Seaton '13.

Plunkett ’13 viciously savaging Will Seaton ’13.

This week’s musician profile features none other than James Plunkett ’13. While we’re all lost in the haze of finals week, The Thrill was able to briefly get the scoop with him before the final Stairwells concert of the semester.

Class: 2013

Hometown: Connecticut

Q: When did you start playing music?

A: I taught myself in 8th grade. A little later I was playing Flamenco guitar but then it came out that my guitar teacher was an alcoholic and would be drunk during practice. So my parents made me stop.

Q: How are you involved musically on campus?

A: I’m a member of The Stairwells, The Cornerstones, Chamber Singers, and the band Townships with Emma Lo ’15 and Adam Reed ’15.

Q: Do you think this new freckle on my face is cancer?

A: No.

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