I Want My Mommy

Remember that time in Middle School when you made your dad change out of his Hawaiian print shirt and sweatpants and Tivas with socks to drop you off at school?  Because it was “horribly embarrassing, Dad please learn to dress yourself!” Well guess what: he remembers it too. But he still loves you anyway! That is the wonderful thing about parents: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. And we all seriously need that during exam week.
Exam week is winding down. Soon you will all be home drinking tea in your kitchen and cuddling your pets and snuggling under your Toy Story duvet that you got in second grade.  But as this week has progressed, you have probably cultivated not only a stronger understanding of Hegel’s thesis/antithesis but also a stronger appreciation for the talking ATMs you affectionately call “Mom and Dad” (or whatever you call your parents, I don’t know).
And when you find yourself curled in the corner  sobbing “I want my mom!” or waking up suddenly in the night to beg your roommate “will you get me a glass of water from the kitchen? And then tuck me in? And read me a bedtime story that isn’t ancient philosophy or my Econ textbook? Pleaseeeee?” you will think about those friendly wrinkly faces (just kidding Mama, you’re gorgeous) and miss them terribly.
And anytime you see a middle aged person with glasses who isn’t your professor, try not to throw your arms around them sobbing “oh god please make me tea and tuck me in and buy me stuffed animals and pretend that I never had to read Nietzsche!” We really don’t need to extend the Kenyon-kids-are-weird stigma. But never fear! Exam week is almost over! Just stick it out one more day. And remember kids: don’t take your parents for granted. They’re pretty great, especially when you don’t live with them anymore and haven’t seen them in a while.

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