This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Yesterday the women of upper-Gund woke to a nasty surprise when they found their staircase covered with the lounge’s furniture.

A fire hazard like none have seen before. (Photo by Lindsey Susolik '16)

A fire hazard like none have seen before. (Photo by Lindsey Susolik ’16)

If you have any information regarding the act, please contact Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life Andrea Kelley at

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  1. I’m not there but it doesn’t look like the furniture was destroyed, simply stacked. If anything was damaged it’s a different story.
    That being said….
    The fire hazard this presents is probably the more serious issue, and the issue that the administration is probably more concerned about.

  2. srsly y’all? first we can’t go in gund commons after midnight cuz of bitches makin a mess and looks like soon we won’t be able to go into our own lounges at night!

  3. Things like this happen because Kenyon students believe that fairies clean up our messes. I’m sure it was funny at the time, couch-flippers, but did you ever stop to think about the real people, Kenyon maintenance staff, who are taking time from the other things they have to do so they can haul those couches back up the stairs, put them back where they belong, and fix them if they’re broken? Think about that the next time you’re bitching about a work order not getting completed. It’s because hardworking people are busy fixing broken windows and cleaning up trashed bathrooms.

  4. This happened all the time last year. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I would walk out of my room in the morning to see something like this or all of the chairs stacked on the table in the lower lounge. I think one of the bigger problems is that all that furniture is fairly light, making it easy to move.

    All things considered, if this is the first time this has happened this year, congratulations. You’re much better inhabitants of the space than my class was.

  5. The issue is not that someone messed with the lounge, the issue is that the entire building now has to split the cost of making maintenance come into work to fix someone’s prank.

  6. I admit, it’s definitely better smaller staircases such as these. Furniture just didn’t block as well in my day in the giant stairs at University of Illinois.
    Things like this happen in every college. They always will. Maintenance will always have to clean it up. Better it be couches needing to be moved than broken ceilings.

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