Nugespotting: It’s That Time of Year Again


Photo by last year’s Nugespotting champ, Sydney Watnick ’14.

The first frost is falling, the campus is emptying and everyone’s headed home for the holidays, which means it’s time for everyone’s favorite activity: Nugespotting.

This most hallowed of Thrill traditions applies mostly to those who will be in the tristate area over winter break; if you’ll be around New York City, you might just  have a chance of spotting our fearless leader, S. Georgia Nugent, in her natural habitat (hot tip- she’s indigenous to the Upper West Side region). Last one to take a surreptitious iPhone pic of the Nuge is a rotten egg! Extra points if you can get her to take a selfie with you.

6 responses

  1. Never have I ever taken a pic, but I have spotted el presidente TWICE on a little beach called super paradise on a greek island. TWICE. two or three years apart. (sunblock baby, & mucho)

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