10 o’clock list: Things I Didn’t Expect TSA To Touch

Before I write anything, it is necessary that I give credit for this post idea to my dad. If I don’t he will whine more than I did when I found out that you have to wait eight days after a FOX show airs to watch it online.

Anywho. Going home for breaks always provide new experiences for me, whether its the ways in which I interact with my friends or the relationships I develop with my family. However, what stays with me the longest, like any intimate touch from a stranger would, are my interactions with TSA. Walking into an airport already gets my heart racing, but knowing that there are people in uniform who inherently do not trust me just gives me a reason to act paranoid and suspicious. And for good reason. Below lies a list of things, of either mine of my friends’, that I didn’t expect TSA to touch (but they did anyway).

  1. My hair bun – I recently discovered the concept of a “hair donut” (more on this to come) and decided to sport one on my way back to Kenyon. Because of its particularly voluptuous nature, I was pulled aside as a kind lady prodded it, squeezed it, and declared it to be “cute.”
  2. Armpits – This is where I put things when I’m trying to carry something while I’m on the phone. It’s not stealthy. I promise there’s nothing there.
  3. Nose – Are you playing the “got-your-nose” game or the “got-to-check-everything-because-I’m-nervous” game?
  4. Nothing – They just made me stand in this little waiting area for a little bit and then released me without another word.
  5. My spoons. 

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