10 o’clock list: Where to Eat When Thomas is Closed

Know we know what happened to Psy's horse...

At least now we know what happened to Psy’s horse…

The only thing more alarming than the clock disappearance may be the number of times that Thomas has been closed since classes resumed. Whether it is just an influx of alumni, or an AVI conspiracy to make sure that the non-Great Hall-inclined have to battle each other for space downstairs, The Thrill has you covered. Read on to find our suggestions on where you can take your Gangnam Style Beef Shank and eat it in style:

  1. Thomas. Who cares if Thomas is closed? Put on a tux or your most Hillary-esque pantsuit and crash whatever get together is going on in there. Not only will you feel accomplished and professional, but you may also be able to corner a member of the Gund family and discuss the whole clock thing, and finally give the rest of campus the answers they deserve.
  2. The Pub. Oh, wait, no you don’t want to do that. Someone’s already spilled their Powerade and dropped their mashed potatoes while trying to get through the door, and you really don’t want whatever chemical reaction the two are having soaking into your Toms.
  3. The post office. Who says you can’t take a Tupperware full of delicious Peirce food and head on over for a picnic next to your P.O. Box? Or maybe under the Federal Arts Project mural on the wall, depicting Philander Chase discovering Gambier? By eating at the post office, you get to avoid the struggle for a table in the Alumni Hall and you get a lesson in Depression-era government projects. Win-win!
  4. The KAC. Forgo Peirce altogether and just head down to the KAC and grab some sushi or hummus. While you’re there, you can even exercise! (Or, alternatively, you can sit on your bum, stuff your face and watch those who are actually using the KAC for its intended purpose with equal parts self-loathing, envy and arousal.)
  5. Your room. Who says that staying alone in your room, eating ramen, watching Downton Abbey and openly weeping isn’t a viable option? Because it is. Totally.

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