Do It Tonight/This Week: Rush Week

Rush week is exactly like this speed date.

Rush week is exactly like this speed date, only with more free stuff.

It’s that time of year again: Greek letters on sweatshirts everywhere you look, and Greek members looking strained but scarily cheerful as they chat up freshman. Read more after the jump.

Basically, Rush Week is speed dating. First date: you meet all the members of the Greek organization you might be interested in and they flirt with you and pay for your dinner. Then they get your number and ask if you’re going to their next event and when they’ll see you again. Second date: after the week is up and you go to all the activities, you can place a bid for an organization, and if it’s mutual attraction, they bid you back. But Rush Week is fun and chill, there is no pressure to pledge yet, you’re just meeting people and getting a lot of free things, which is always major motivation for broke college kids. So if you are interested in Rush, go to the mandatory meeting TONIGHT in Peirce Great Hall at 6!

Register on Orgsync for Rush before 7:30 pm. 

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  1. “What all these people are doing is not aggressive; they are inventing new possibilities of pleasure with strange parts of their body — through the eroticization of the body. I think it’s … a creative enterprise, which has as one of its main features what I call the desexualization of pleasure.”

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