10 o’clock list: What to Do with Two Measly Inches of Snow


I’m from the South, so whenever it snows at home, the whole city shuts down. Literally, if there is a snowflake in the air, school is cancelled, people come home early from work, and the entire populace freaks out with their noses pressed to the windows… and then nothing. No snow. Barely even ice. I have experienced the disappointment year after year. But when we get two inches at home it is the most exciting thing ever. SLEDDING. HOT CHOCOLATE. SNOW FORTS. BIKINI SNOW PHOTOSHOOT (I wish I was kidding here). So coming to school in the north, I had high hopes for snow. And on Friday I was sorely disappointed. We all know that the phrase “yeah it was only two inches” is often accompanied by a dissatisfied tone, and this “blizzard” is no exception. So what should we do with all this snow?

  1. Freak out: I haven’t abandoned my Southern roots, so on my way back from classes I walked back on Middle Path trying to catch snowflakes on my tongue and gazing in wonder at the not-so-wintery-wonderland that was suddenly appearing. But apparently freaking out about snow is not so enchanting for the jaded northern kids who just give you weird looks at your obvious excitement.
  2. Faceplant: Middle Path gets slippery, but not as slippery as sidewalks everywhere. I have now fallen on my butt outside Gund Gallery, outside the Library, outside Morgans, and outside of Leonard. I know we complain about Middle Path being gravel but I actually think it helps the slippage; the sidewalks are seriously dangerous.
  3. Sleep with your shirt inside out: One of the many superstitions that is supposed to make it snow. However, when I accidentally did this on Friday night, I had no luck. Maybe you have to do it on purpose. Worth a try!
  4. Gather as much snow as will fit into your college-rented moldy mini-fridge/freezer: Then when all the snow melts, come up behind someone and bean ‘em with a snowball. Believe me, they will NOT be expecting that one.
  5. Shove someone into the snow: When someone shoves you into the snow and there is a huge snowbank, it’s all winter fun. You shove them back, then you have a snowball fight, then you make hot chocolate and cuddle and watch winter movies or whatever. But when someone shoves you into 2 inches of snow/slush/dead grass, it’s just a dick move.
  6. Frolic: Hey, make the most of what you have, right? That’s the spirit. And hope for the best; maybe next time there will be enough to stop your professor from driving all the way from Columbus in a snowstorm, and your class will be cancelled!

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