The Monday Catch Up

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has declared a State of Emergency. (via

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has declared a state of emergency. (via

Well, it’s Monday again, you wasted another weekend, so only five days to go before you get another crack at it!

The lead story: Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, has declared a state of emergency in Egypt after protests against the current government have broken out across the country over the last 4 days.

Everything else:

Immigration Reform seems imminent, but roadblocks in the Senate may be an inevitability.

A Nighclub fire in Brazil has claimed the lives of at least 232 people.

Democratic Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa will not be seeking a sixth term in the 2014 Midterm Election.

President Obama and soon-to-be former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared for an interview on 60 Minutes.

Argo beat out Lincoln at the SAG awards last night.

The NFL Pro-Bowl took place Sunday in Hawaii, the NFC All-Stars demolished their AFC counterparts (Ed. Note: No one watches the Pro-Bowl.)

The long read: The Verge looks into the history of Google’s product design and it’s vast improvement in recent years.

The weather: While the temperature will warm up considerably this week, we get the added bonus of rain through Wednesday.  Look forward to temperatures into the high 50s if you can get past the fact that it will be raining.

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