Student Entrepreneurs: OLA Granola

Olivia Sterling '16, Lewis Thompson '16, and Anna Yukevich '16, the master chefs of OLA Granola

Olivia Sterling ’16, Lewis Thompson ’16, and Anna Yukevich ’16, the master chefs of OLA Granola

Let’s face it, granola is the saving grace of Peirce. Starting this weekend, homemade granola will be available in the servery, courtesy of Olivia Sterling ’16, Lewis Thompson ’16, and Anna Yukevich ’16. The Thrill had a chance to speak to Sterling, who came up with the idea in the fall.

When did you first start making homemade granola?

At the ripe age of 13!

What made you want to make it here in Peirce?

I don’t know. Every time I walk into Peirce I’m overcome with a wave of inspiration.

How did you get set up making homemade granola in Peirce?

I contacted Damon Remillard, the Resident Director of Kenyon College Dining. I was also in contact with a chef at Middlebury College who does the same thing there making homemade granola for the dining hall. I saw that online and thought “why not spread love in the form of oats to the people of Kenyon!”

What do you usually put in your granola?

Usually nuts, but I won’t do that at Peirce because of allergies. I’m going to stick to oats, seeds, dried fruits, and a dash of magic (and some other things, but the entire recipe is a secret)

How often will you be making/serving it?

Currently unknown, the first time I’m making it is Saturday, ready in time for Sunday brunch. This week it’s just Lewis and I, Anna will be helping out in the future though. It’s called OLA Granola (for Olivia, Lewis, and Anna). We’re going to see how this goes the first time, and then we will decide if/when to make it again.

Look out for OLA Granola in Peirce this Sunday!

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