Things I Discovered Creeping On Peoples Music

One of the most unexpected pleasures of coming to college was the fact that most people have their iTunes open for sharing in very public places.  Don’t like your own music, or bored of listening to “Oblivion” too many times in a row? Well then it is time to take a peek into the lives of others.  To be honest, I came away with some interesting findings. (Ed. Note: Don’t close your iTunes off because of this post, you are all beautiful snowflakes and I want to see what you listen to.)

Creed is pretty good I guess? (via

Creed is pretty good I guess? (via

Check out my finding after the jump.

Kenyon students love their ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.  This was not the only example I saw of a love of ‘Weird Al,’ the voice of my formative years.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 2.22.12 PM

I also can’t knock the prevelence of Broadway songs, especially West Side Story (honorable mention to Avenue Q).  That being said my personal favorite is Phantom of the Opera.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 2.21.49 PM

One thing I never understood however was people that bought music videos on iTunes.  I’m not saying I’m a thief, but who buys music videos? You must be crazy  considering the fact that there is YouTube.

My Chemical Romance Music Videos

It is also news to me that Asher Roth has multiple albumsI was kind of under the impression that “I Love College” was the extent of his musical prowess.

Asher Roth

Last but not least, I can’t know the hustle of students that love Creed and take the time to rate each song.

Creed CityMany may say that I am being overly judgemental by passing judgement on other students iTunes.  To combat this I will openly admit that one of my all-time favorite albums is Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt and my love of West Side Story is nearly unparalleled (except when it comes to My Fair Lady — full disclosure: I tried out for Freddy and lost the part to Matt Chin).

In conclusion, don’t close your iTunes to your fellow brethren at Kenyon, there is gold to be mined.

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