Do it today: Meet the Owls

images-1This one’s got some ‘tude (via

This afternoon, the Brown Family Education Center will be showing off the aviary equivalent of a college student: the owl. The Ohio Education Center is giving you the chance to meet live specimens of three different species of local owls, presented with information about their habits, diets and nocturnal activities. The showing of the owls goes from 3PM to 5PM this afternoon. So if you’re interested in local ecology, ornithology, or or just want to see some good-looking hooters come down to the BFEC at 3 PM. And while one of the owls probably doesn’t have your lost Hogwarts acceptance letter strapped to its legs, you never know…

What: Meet the Owls!

When: 3PM – 5PM.

Where: The BFEC.

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