The Monday Catch Up

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl.  (via

As a Patriots fan, I am sick of talking about the Superbowl. (via

Good morning! Here’s what you missed while you were raging in Club Olin this weekend:

The Lead Story: The Superbowl was punctuated by a blackout, also the Ravens won (Ed. note: not psyched about that).  Confirming our suspicions that as goes Kenyon, so goes the Nation.

Everything Else:

Hillary Clinton put in her last day as Secretary of State.  John Kerry assumes the role.

Syrian President, Bashar Assad, has publicly announced that Israel is trying to destabilize Syria with its recent air strikes.

Paul Krugman says that the NRA is insane.

The author of “American Sniper” was shot this weekend at a shooting range.

Chinese cyber-strikes are making front page news.

The Long Read: Without a dictatorship, the Libyan people attempt to move forward.

The Weather: Not to much to say other than the fact that temperatures will stay below 30 for most of the week.  The snow flurries will continue through Tuesday and break into sunny skies on Wednesday.  So, in other words, it’s going to continue to be miserable.

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  1. jesus christ, how do expect the libyans to move forward from near universal literacy? heavily subsidized living costs, excellent medical care, and a functioning representation government? we were on the wrong side, in that one. but, oil oil oil oil oil oil oil oil!

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