Things Josh Radnor Didn’t Do This Weekend While You Didn’t Realize He Was On Campus


We at The Thrill try to be somewhat objective in our daily reporting of campus life, but today there is one topic on which we must make our opinion known. We are, most vehemently, anti-Josh Radnor. Josh Radnor totally blows, in our book (unless he reads The Thrill – in which case, hi Josh! Thanks for reading!).

Did you know Josh Radnor was at Kenyon this weekend? I do, because I ran into him at a party. Josh Radnor was just not that into it.


radnor 2

Josh Radnor did not stand and applaud for Hedda Gabler. Josh Radnor, as we know, is a professional actor who formerly attended this college. I have it on good authority that he went to see Hedda Gabler and did not even bother to get up to show support for his alma mater and the hard-working folks who put in their time and talent for his benefit (even if nobody knew he’d be there).

radnor 3

Josh Radnor did not shotgun a beer. Welcome back to college life, bro! I did not see Liberal Arts but I get the feeling you’re a little hung up on Kenyon. Oh, but you don’t want to drink with us? You just want to come in, sit in a corner with a few of your friends and awkwardly avoid eye contact? Okay.

radnor 1

Josh Radnor did not make his celeb shot in beer pong. He’s an actual celebrity! This seems unreasonable.

radnor 4

Josh Radnor did not come to the party at the Ganter. I know he said he wanted to keep a low profile, but where better to meet the Zibby of his dreams than on a dark, sweaty dance floor?

radnor 5

Josh Radnor did not allow anyone to photograph him. Josh Radnor is not Bill Murray. It was surprising to see him, but this is not a story I will remember forever. If I had a picture of him from the other night I could at least almost impress my peers with it, but alas the shock of running into him is a memory that will be forced to slowly fade from my head. 

radnor 6

Josh Radnor did not tell us where he was going when he left. And good riddance to him! He probably wasn’t that into it, anyway.

40 responses

  1. Aw now. I’m an old-timer who reads The Thrill so I can relive my glory days and pretend to be cool by knowing which beards are bad and the like. That said, I gotta tell ya, I was friends with Josh back in the day and even got to stumble my way through a few plays with him, and I can honestly say he’s an awesome guy with no ego at all. I echo the previous commentor by asking, why all the hate? Envy of success is pitiful. Graduate and go make some success of your own. If you do, I promise Josh won’t hate you. Where is the love?

  2. Josh told me to tell you that he never actually graduated from Kenyon. He shows up occasionally to audit classes. Just 15 credits to go.

  3. I saw Josh Radnor at the bookstore and overheard that he was here for the memorial for Prof. Turgeon. Give the guy a break, he showed up on campus to honor a former professor– a man who probably had a lot of influence on the path of his life. And, as someone who is just not that into JR, even I find this article to be a little tasteless and over the top.

  4. Word. He didn’t seem that into it. And I love the buzz of Josh Radnor being here even though he’s not that into it. Success should not be envied, but by the same token, no noses be browned. He’s a good guy, but so is my Uncle Howard. So everybody simmer down and have a chuckle at Sarah’s funny article.

  5. Standing ovations are not expected of audiences. Applause is a personal choice. Sure, showing some acknowledgement for the actors’ hard work is important, but don’t hold people to a standard (get it STANDard…) and then call them rude for breaking it.

    Josh Radnor is just a dude. Like you and me. Just because he’s a big shot doesn’t mean he HAS TO behave a certain way on campus. When you come back to visit as an alum, will you hold yourself accountable for going to Ganter parties and playing beer pong?

    We all need to give the guy a break.

  6. I’m so old I remember student-Radnor AND the proud Collegian tradition of saying very mildly mean things to provoke attention, and then acting annoyed when it actually got it.

    (Both were better Back In My Day, naturally.)

  7. Wait- a Thrill article is bitching about something? That never happens…except every single article finds something about kenyon to complain about, even when were very luck to be here. We need to be more grateful for all the things we have sometimes, including great profs, classes, athletic center, community, values, etc. If you read the thrill and knew nothing about kenyon, you would think we were the most unaccepting, dangerous, nasty, and backwards schools. Kenyon is one of the most accepting, safest, and warmest places IN THE WORLD. period. Something to think about. Perspective, guys.

    • Yeah I totally agree. Kenyon is too good to make jokes about. Jokes are inherently negative in intent, and therefore have no place in a place wherein we strive to drive away negativity. Negativity has a rather — BEEP — negative impact on our experience here, which Anonymous here has admirably pointed out is to be positive. I mean, values! – I couldn’t put it better myself. I for — BOOBOP — one, value values. I find them to be valuable in my valuations of — BEEP BEEP BOOBOP — jokes, which are negative and therefore without value. The value of jokes is therefore 0, representing a negative value, whereas — BEEP — the value of values is 1, representing a positive — ERROR — ERROR — ERROR

  8. It is my privilege and honor to serve you all. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But also that includes me. xoxoxo

  9. Elizabeth Olsen was on campus this past weekend too; I heard it was totally random, and she and JR didn’t even run into each other.

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